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A Place for Pets to Shelter



Cat Enjoying the Garden

A veranda provides a great place for pets to shelter. Cats and dogs can avoid the rain or too much sun.They can play happily and safely outside, and have easy access to food and drink without having to be inside all the time. Providing covered space outside a back door means pets can dry off before coming inside which really helps to avoid muddy paw marks everywhere.



Dog enjoys his shelter

Nige the dog, is very happy to shelter outside under a newly installed vernada.

cat-on pergola

Cat Using a Pergola as a Climbing Frame

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Comfort items for cats and dogs such as baskets and toys, can easily be stored and used outside under the shelter of a veranda. This gives pets more time out of doors. If you like to be outdoors, they will too!  If your cat uses a litter tray, or large scratch posts, having a covered space to put them outside can be a real bonus.

A Place to Cook Pizza

outdoor kitchenpizza-430065_640 (1) A veranda or covered pergola create a great space for outdoor cooking. Pizza ovens can easily be installed under a covered space allowing outdoor cooking in all weathers.  Wood burning ovens are growing in popularity  because they are easy to use but create fantastic food to wow family and friends.

Wood fired pizza ovens cook quickly and efficiently. Heat from the open fire within radiates across the dome giving temperatures up to 600 degrees. Pizzas are cooked in a matter of minutes!  The crust of a pizza cooked in a wood burning stove is thin and crispy with a delicious soft centre. The addition of a variety of toppings create a mouthwatering  experience that can not be achieved in a  conventional oven. See the video below to see how it is done.

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